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suave to dingus in 0.05s

Track: I Choose You (Acoustic Version)
Artist: Sara Bareilles
Played: 46985 times

we are not perfect 
we’ll learn from our mistakes
and as long as it takes
i will prove my love to you

i am not scared of the elements
i am under-prepared, but i am willing
and even better

i get to be the other half of you

Track: Come Back Down (feat. Sara Bareilles)
Artist: Greg Laswell
Album: Landline (Bonus Track Version)
Played: 2069 times


Come Back Down (feat. Sara Bareilles) || Greg Laswell

Track: When The Day Met The Night
Artist: Panic At the Disco
Album: Pretty. Odd.
Played: 9813 times


When the moon found the sun
He looked like he was barely hanging on
But her eyes saved his life
In the middle of summer

Track: The Funeral
Artist: Band Of Horses
Album: Everything All The Time
Played: 66709 times

I’m coming up only 
To hold you under 
I’m coming up only 
To show you wrong 

Track: Slow It Down
Artist: The Lumineers
Album: The Lumineers
Played: 189 times


slow it down // the lumineers

Track: Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
Artist: Bastille ft. Gabrielle Aplin
Album: Rumours
Played: 16215 times

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)  -  Bastille ft. Gabrielle Aplin

Track: Dirty Paws
Artist: Of Monsters And Men
Album: My Head Is An Animal
Played: 144211 times


Song Of The Day:

Dirty Paws- Of Monsters and Men

Track: My Fault
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Album: Night Visions (Deluxe Version)
Played: 4585 times

Is it my fault, is it my fault?
We’ve been missing each other
We’ve been missing each other